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Tournament Date- January 10-12, 2008




 (open links with Word and they work fine)


Organization Page for the Chairs

Chairpeople- Rupinder, Bianca, Brittney 


Concession - Jenny, Sean, Gillian

Entertainment - Emilee, Karina

Awards - Jordan, Graham, Erika, Jesse, Lukas

Security/Officials - Morgan, Jeff, Matt, Other?

Hospitality - Dan, Tom, Clayton

Programs/Publicity - Ben, Tina

Posters - Shea, Nicole, Tina



Class Time Countdown- 1 class left! (before the tournment starts)



 Tomorrow I will be asking people to sign up for score keeping in the tournment which is this week and every body has to sign up for at least one game becasue that would be fare for every one( I mean every one) Rupinder Dahia



Okay Guys.


This is a list of things that still need to happen before our tournament- which is coming up VERY soon.

-Ben & Tina have done a wonderful job on the programs. Great job guys. Now we need to help them put them together. Ben- please let us know where and when you would like us
*You guys can do it thurs at lunch or at H block...i cant make it at lunch for i have other things that need to be done but for sure we must finish by H block
-either during class time on Thursday, or after school too, we should be helping to bag the Goodies. They will be sold at the concession stand as well as the following lunchtime at the pizza sale.
-Who’s doing the hospitality coach’s room? Please remember to buy food for this room (Johnston’s)
-What do you guys think about having either all or half of the concessions stand to be inside the gym; tables set up right at the entrance?
-Who is helping to set up the pizza sales?
-Who is actually selling pizza on the 11th? We’ll probably only need about 15 or so people. They are delivering it at around 10:30 to the front of the school. Those helping will need notes for class from Mr. Mitton for getting the pizza. Should be excused at around 10:25. oh and someone needs to help put up the pizza posters I made today too sometime tomorrow.
-Does Clarke actually want his basketball?
-Please sign up for concession/ scorekeeping slots at much as possible. We are also getting younger volunteers from other teams helping who want to
-Posters looked really good today. i was thinking that on the time we are working- even though we dont have Tshirts, we should still wear some tshirt from seaquam athletics.
Tom: instead of handing each team a sheet- please have your committee make more individual coupons. We will be stamping them to validate them.
Emilee: you have the CD for their warm up? And will you / Jenny or someone please go talk to Mr. Mundy about putting it up on the school website ASAP? Thanks
Rupinder: samosas? & remember we’re calling the coaches ASAP. Get list from Richards
Tina: I have finished lettering the title for the draw- good job. Is there more to it?
    *Nothing else for the draw (hopes you still have my sharpie)
Concession: need to write a letter to chef including who; what; when; where; why (cashiers& workers too), Milligan for coffee sponsoring? Announcements for pizza day?
Awards: how are they going to be presented?
Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns


Full Class List:

Amoore Nicole

Carrier Karina

Chahal Jesse

Chu Bianca

Cojocaru Dan 

Cox Graham

Dahia Rupinder

Dinsmore Jordan

Duenas Benidict

Hahn Thomas

Hsieh Ting

Ledsome Erika

Leslie Sean

Ma Jeff

Maier Lukas

McLeod Jennifer

McLeod Morgan

Moroz Brittney

Mramor Emilee

O'Neil Shea

O'Toole Gillian

Pilcher Mathew

Scott Clayton


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