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 Awards Committee





Phone Numbers

T Shirt Company 604-322-1611 Creative Embroidery Patrick Gunderson


Graham here on Jordon' account:

We have called the Trophy company and they are giving us 5 plaques for 1st team allstars and 1 main trophy for the winning team


All together the cost is around $40.00-$45.00 in total 

I am waiting for an email from the company which will include pictures of the trophies and I will decide whether they look good or we want to change them. The plaques will say **Seaquam Junior Boys Tournament All-Star ** if anyone has any suggestions or wants ths change just let us know.


IMPORTANT NOTE: The company will give us 10% off if they are advertised in the program!! 


We ordered t-shirts as well as for around $88.00. They will be white t-shirts with all-star written across the front in black letters. Again any suggestions or changes would be appreciated.


Awards list

4 allstar of tournment awards plaque

MVP award for player of the tournment plaque

1st place trophy

2 nd place plaque


**Normally for a tournament of this size there are 5 First Team All Stars and 5 Second Team All Stars and 1 MVP**

On the T shirt what do you think about a Seahawk with the words 'All Star' underneath.

3rd place or Consolation Trophy??  Please discuss with your group and Chairs.


Hats from Big kahuna and All Star shirts are in the PE office.

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